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Welcome to the mirror site on my webserver, FurCen.Org! Please bookmark this page as a backup reference for my site in the case that my Furnation page is down. The number and sizes of the images on this site are very low in order to ease the load so you can load the pages faster. If you'd like larger images and more 'neat stuff', please see my Furnation page. These pages were designed to be viewed at 800x600x16m colors. Feel free to take a look around and mail me at < jurann -at- furcen -dot- org > if you please. Thanks fur stopping by!

FuroticaMUCK and the new Furry Database have been sucking up all of my time lately, if you've been wondering why there's not a whole lot new around here. Go take a look at the pages and see what you think!

In the wurx:

I've colorized two NEW pieces and placed them in the art page! Go take a look.

I've recently purchased a very nice color scanner. If you'd like any images scanned in and touched-up, please let me know and I'll give you information to mail me the work. I'll scan them for free, but I ask that you pay the postage for both ways (I'll mail the originals back to you after they're scanned.)

Coming Soon - Pages in concept or design at Foxtail Computers

Also, be sure to check out Furry Grand Central!

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